Front cover of the rights acrostic resource.

Activity: Writing rights poems

March 2021. Children have the right to express themselves, and you can use this resource to help them do that and create an acrostic poem about their human rights.

Cover of summary report on Ipsos MORI survey of parents and carers around disabled children and young people's experiences of using school toilets.

Disabled children and young people’s experiences of using school toilets

March 2014

Findings of a survey of parents and carers of children and young people with a disability or long-term health condition.

Questions focused on parents’ and carers’ awareness of toilet facilities provided within schools and other educational units attended by their children.

A cover for translated materials.

Urdu Simple UNCRC

March 2020

A simplified Urdu version of the first 42 articles of the UNCRC.

Cover for legal briefs produced by the Commissioner's office.

Legal brief: No Recourse to Public Funds

April 2019

Our first legal brief concerns children and families with insecure immigration status who have been turned away from local authority supports to which they are entitled.

Cover of our equality report.

Equality Report 2017

April 2017

This report tracks our previous equality outcomes and sets equality outcomes for 2017-2021.

A cover for translated materials.

Scots Gaelic Simple UNCRC

February 2019

A simplified version of the first 42 articles of the UNCRC in Scots Gaelic.

Our super listener postcard. It reads "Are you a Super Listener?" and has an image of a red-headed woman with a coffee cup on it, with words indicating the qualities she has. These are: "kind," "knows what they are doing," "remains calm under pressure," "uses hands to communicate," "casual clothes," "believes children," "caring and friendly," "eyes to see the problems," "mouth to communicate," "knows about children's rights," "respectful," "non-judgemental," "will talk to grown-ups for you," "can make you laugh," and "do what they promised."

Super Listener poster

September 2017

As part of the Power Up/Power Down project with Scottish Women’s Aid we asked young people to tell us the qualities they thought an adult needed in order to be great at listening to them— then used them to create this poster of a super listener.