A cartoon from our Children and Young People's report for 2018-19, showing a globe in a racing car numbered "14" while a racing car labelled "12" trails behind, driven by a small sphere containing the Scottish flag.

Children and Young People’s Annual Report 2018/19

October 2019

Each year, we produce a version of our annual report for children and young people. They’ve told us they want to see bright pictures about our work and have us explain what we’ve done.

Red background with white smiley face outline. Caption underneath which reads "The laws are promises made by the governement that say they will make sure that you live and grow up safe, healthy and happy"

Children and young people’s annual report 2016-17

October 2017

This film for children and young people covers what our office did between April 2016 and March 2017. It’s subtitled and signed in BSL.

Cover for resources linked to our BSL Plan.

BSL Plan

October 2018

Our BSL plan for 2018-2024 allows us to focus specifically on a group of children and young people whose rights are more at risk, or whose views are not always taken into account.