Cover of the Independent Children's Rights Impact Assessment on the response to Covid-19 in Scotland

Independent Children’s Rights Impact Assessment on the Response to Covid-19 in Scotland

July 2020. This independent Children’s Rights Impact Assessment is a thorough analysis of how emergency laws and policies around the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the human rights of children and young people in Scotland.

Undertaken by the Observatory of Children’s Human Rights Scotland, it is the biggest Children’s Rights Impact Assessment in the world that’s been done on laws and policies passed in response to COVID-19.

Cover of "It always comes down to money: Recent changes in service provision to disabled children, young people and their families in Scotland."

It always comes down to money

September 2013

A report into the availability and accessibility of publicly-funded services for families with disabled children.

Cover of summary report on Ipsos MORI survey of parents and carers around disabled children and young people's experiences of using school toilets.

Disabled children and young people’s experiences of using school toilets

March 2014

Findings of a survey of parents and carers of children and young people with a disability or long-term health condition.

Questions focused on parents’ and carers’ awareness of toilet facilities provided within schools and other educational units attended by their children.

Cover for policy work created by the Commissioner's office.

UNCRPD draft delivery plan

September 2015

Former Commissioner Tam Baillie responds to the Scottish Government’s Draft Delivery Plan 2016-2020 for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.