Flushed with Success?

Former Commissioner Tam Baillie's Flushed with Success? campaign called on the Scottish Government to introduce new guidance on school toilets. 

It was informed by the following research:

School toilets and the experiences of children and young people with a disability: the views of parents and carers

Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People, for Scotland's Disabled Children, Children in Scotland, Ipsos MORI, June 2015. This report, written by David Myers, Ipsos MORI, looks at the range of issues parents of children and young people with a disability or long-term health condition raised when discussing their child's experiences of school toilets.

Download the report.

Disabled children and young people’s experiences of using school toilets: Survey of Parents and Carers

Ipsos MORI, March 2014. Findings of a survey of parents and carers of children and young people with a disability or long-term health condition. Questions focused on parents’ and carers’ awareness of toilet facilities provided within schools and other educational units attended by their children.

Download the findings.

Toilets unblocked: a literature review of school toilets

Sarah Burton, September 2013. A literature review presenting the current material on the standards of school toilets and their role in the health and well being of children, with specific reference to Scotland.

The review assesses published research on children's attitudes to and experiences of school toilets, and the impacts on their health. It highlights both gaps in knowledge and opportunities for change.

Download a PDF of Toilets unblocked: A literature review of school toilets.

Ipsos MORI survey

Ipsos MORI, March 2013. A report containing the findings of an Ipsos MORI survey of secondary school pupils in Scotland, carried out for the Commissioner.

Questions focused on pupils' experiences at school and their views on and experiences of school toilets.

Download a PDF of the Ipsos MORI survey.

A PowerPoint representation of the results is also available.

The great school toilet debate: GLOW meeting survey

Learning drawn from discussion on the subject of school toilets with over 900 participating primary school pupils at a national GLOW event held in February 2013.

Download a PDF of The great school toilet debate: GLOW meeting survey.