The Commissioner's office is actively involved in research that relates to the rights of children and young people and how the Commissioner can make a difference.

Our research takes the form of:

  • surveys of children, young people and adults
  • discussion with children and young people in focus groups
  • analysis of existing research, and desktop reviews.

We publish most of the research we commission.

Recent research

Work with Ipsos MORI

In 2017, Ipsos MORI ran their Young People in Scotland Survey 2017.

A representative sample of 1,780 pupils aged 11-18 took part in the survey, and data was weighted by:

We commissioned a series of questions to go in this survey. They aimed to explore:

  • awareness and views of children’s rights,
  • awareness of the Commissioner, and
  • views on the Commissioner’s work.

Download a poster of the findings.

Download a PDF of the findings.

Research for our revised strategic plan

In 2017, the Commissioner's office committed to revise our strategic plan.

To help us do this, we involved children, young people and adults in different ways:

  • We travelled across Scotland to talk to 16 groups of children and young people, including those less likely to be included or listened to,
  • We got the views of children and young people through surveys done online and in schools,
  • We got the views of adults in an online survey, and
  • We organised a residential human rights gathering to hear the views of young people.

Read the research that explores what we found.