Power Up/Power Down

The logo for the Power Up/Power Down project.

The Commissioner's office has worked with Scottish Women’s Aid on Power Up/Power Down. This is a participative project that helps children and young people with lived experience of domestic abuse explore the processes and decisions involved in court-ordered contact.

For the project, we asked 27 children and young people who have lived with domestic abuse to tell us what they think needs to change about the current system in Scotland.

They talked and learned about their rights, and explored the concept of power— how it can be used by people well, and how it can be misused too.

The findings of the children and young people will directly inform our policy and influencing work around court-ordered contact. They will also be produced as:

  • a compilation story book,
  • a DVD,
  • a PowerPoint resource, and
  • an end of project report.


A series of videos has been produced that explains the Power Up/Power Down project.

See the videos.