What we've done

We’ve been working with Scottish Women’s Aid since 2015 on issues around court ordered contact and domestic abuse.

Knowledge exchange events

Since June 2015, the Commissioner’s office has held a number of knowledge exchange events with Scottish Women’s Aid. These brought together a number of key stakeholders including:

  • children and young people,
  • Police Scotland,
  • The Scottish Government,
  • health workers,
  • social workers,
  • sheriffs,
  • family lawyers,
  • support workers, and
  • domestic abuse specialists.

The events focused on:

  • court-ordered contact and domestic abuse,
  • whether the right of children to be protected from domestic abuse is being upheld in the context of court-ordered contact,
  • how to change things for the better around court ordered contact and domestic abuse.

Systems mapping report

At the final event in the knowledge exchange programme, Sarah Morton of the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) facilitated a systems mapping session. This used contributions analysis methods to ask which areas of systems navigated by women and children could be improved.

We're working together on a systems mapping report that:

  • writes up the discussions in our final knowledge exchange event, and
  • contains a visual tool of the mapped systems which can be used to identify priority areas for action.

Power Up/Power Down

The Commissioner has worked with Scottish Women’s Aid on Power Up/Power Down. This is a participative project that helps children and young people with lived experience of domestic abuse explore the processes and decisions involved in court-ordered contact.

The findings of the children and young people will directly inform our policy and influencing work around court-ordered contact. They will also be produced as:

  • a compilation story book,
  • a DVD,
  • a PowerPoint resource, and
  • an end of project report.

Learn more about Power Up/Power Down.

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