Your healthy living treasure chests

Inspired by the third video in our Learning at Home with the Commissioner series, Children’s Health Scotland asked children to create their own treasure chests of the things they need to grow up healthy and well.

An image of an assembled "treasure chest": a bag with a bottle of water, healthy food, something to keep teeth clean, something to help you sleep, something to help you exercise, and something that keeps you happy.

It involves filling a box or bucket with:

  • a piece of healthy food
  • a bottle of water
  • something to clean your teeth
  • something that helps you sleep
  • something that helps you exercise
  • something that keeps you happy.

Your treasure chests

Thanks to the children, parents and carers who gave us permission to share their treasure chests below.

An image of a young boy with his treasure chest beside his notes that explain what each item represents. His toy tiger represents sleeping well, a flask of water represents food and drink, his football represents exercise, his hoodie represents having clothes, toys represent having fun, and the photo of his family represents being loved.

Joe’s chest

An image of Joe's chest, which contains fruit, a book, a CD, water, blankets, oatcakes, a small football and his toy sloth.

Isla and Aaron’s chest

An image of what's in Isla and Aaron's chest: toys, a football, toothbrushes and toothpaste, fruit and a big flask of water.

Eva’s chest

Eva with her treasure chest full of the things that keep her healthy and well.

Jessica and Poppy’s chests

Jessica and Poppy with their treasure chests of things which keep them safe and happy.

Beth and Craig’s chests

Beth and Craig's chests of the things that keep them healthy and well.

Learning at Home with the Commissioner

The third video in our Learning at Home series features our treasure chest activity.

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A cartoon man with a smile points to himself. In the distance a little stick man is given the chance to grow into a bigger stick man.

UNCRC Article 6

I have the right to live and grow as a person

Green health cross with a thumbs-up symbolising approval.

UNCRC Article 24

I have the right to be as healthy as possible

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