High school bus carrying over 40 pupils tips on its side, leaving 22 pupils being taken to hospital

Our young blogger Aimee writes about the recent school bus crash that took place in Cumbernauld.

At Our Lady's High School, Cumbernauld, a bus tipped over onto its side at around 8:45am. There were more than 40 pupils on the bus, coming from Abronhill. It is unclear as to how the bus tipped, but the crash is being investigated. A bus behind it witnessed the crash as it turned around a bend, going down a hill. The bus landed in trees, beside the road.

A total of twenty-two pupils have been sent to hospital after an initial two, then five. One student ended up breaking his nose whilst others suffered other, non-life threatening injuries. When the bus tipped, pupils had been in a state of panic and were found crying when entering the school building.

Police cars and ambulances – along with fire engines – rushed to the scene, securing the area and tending to the children's injuries. The school also brought in local parish priests to help the traumatised pupils, as this is a Catholic school. Teachers rushed to the scene helping pupils that were on later buses get into the school, keeping them a safe distance from the crash.

Pupils were not permitted to leave the school building at lunch time and were kept in their period one classes until the bell signaled the start of lunch. After this, classes resumed as normal, along with a brief assembly for each year explaining the events of that day and offering support and reassurance to pupils that needed it.

I felt the need to write this article to show the concerns I have for school transportation. Many speculate that the reason this crash happened was because schools simply don't have enough buses that are in good condition. Most school buses are old and smelly, and some have duct tape as a means for holding seats together. Maybe if pupils were equipped with better forms of transportation this could have been prevented. I hope that an incident like this will never occur again and that not only this school but many others take the correct safety procedures to stop this from becoming a recurring event.