Young people to talk to Commissioner about how mental health impacts their education

11 August 2016

Greyscale image of a young person's back that illustrates mental health problems.

Young people from East Ayrshire are meeting the Commissioner today to talk about how mental health impacts their education.

The visit comes as part of a wider project for the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC). Each year, the Network involves children and young people from several European countries in a participative project around a key children’s rights issue. This year, the focus is on Access to Education. Children and young people from six countries are working on creating a film around the subject, which will be shown at ENOC’s annual conference later this year.

The project in Scotland

7 young people from East Ayrshire were invited to take part in the project by the Commissioner, and they have been supported to do this by Barnardo’s and Investing in Children. After thinking about access to education as a broad theme, the young people chose to focus on how mental health can affect it.

To help the young people create their section of the final film, Investing in Children set up two agenda days. These let young people discuss mental health in an adult-free environment, and allowed them to write up two reports around the issue. These reports were then used as the basis for their section of the ENOC film.

The Young People are coming to our office today to show the Commissioner their film, and to discuss their reports, views and thoughts in more detail. Their meeting will be recorded as part of a separate, Scotland-specific film, which will be made available after the ENOC conference later this year.

Learn more

Find out more about ENOC.

Watch the films the young people helped make.

Agenda days

To help inform the project, the young people took part in three agenda days to help uncover their views and experiences around education, disabilities and mental health needs.

Download the report from the first agenda day.

Download the report from the second agenda day.

Download the report from the third agenda day.

ENOC statement

After they made it, the film the young people contributed to helped inform the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children's statement on educational inequalities in Europe.

Learn about the statement.