Watch: Young people from six countries explain what matters in education

28 September 2016

One of the young people involved in the video covering her face with her hands, which have the phrase

Young people from six European countries have produced a film about equal opportunities in education— and the barriers that get in their way.

The film was shown for the first time at last week’s ENOC conference, where children’s commissioners from across Europe gathered to discuss the right to learn.

Guaranteeing the same chances for all

ENYA 2016: Equality in Education explores some of the barriers young people feel prevent everyone from being treated in the same way. These include:

  • the school environment,
  • what pupils have the option to learn about,
  • access to paid education,
  • treatment of pupils with disabilities,
  • challenges around mental health,
  • unequal treatment of genders,
  • discrimination and bullying, and
  • unequal access for children of certain groups, such as refugees.

Watch the full film:

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Watch a shortened version of the film:

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Scotland’s contribution

Scotland has made significant contributions to this year’s film. 7 young people from East Ayrshire were involved in the film, being supported to do so by Barnardo’s and Investing in Children. These young people chose mental health as the barrier to education they wanted to explore and talked to the Commissioner about the impact it has earlier this year.

As well as this, a Scottish company was responsible for helping young people create the film. Media Education visited all six participating countries, making sure children conveyed their messages in a stylistically consistent way.

About the film

The Equality in Education film is 2016’s project from ENYA, the European Network of Young Advisors. The Network, developed by the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children, is a yearly participative project that lets children and young people express their views on selected topics. This year, children from Scotland, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, France and Malta were involved in the project.

Find out more about ENYA.

Watch a short video about the making of 2016's film:

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ENOC statement

This film helped inform the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children's statement on educational inequalities in Europe.

Learn about the statement.