#TellTheUN your experiences of life in Scotland

18 August 2015

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child is sending a representative to Scotland to find out about young people’s lives in our country― and they’d like to hear your views.

If you’re under 18, you can use the hashtag #TellTheUN on Twitter to highlight your experiences – good or bad – of life in Scotland. You could also include what you think needs to happen to improve access to your rights. We’ll then send them to UN representative Amal Aldoseri ahead of her visit to Scotland on Thursday 3 September.

Topics which you might want to think about could include:

  • your school
  • your community
  • your experiences of health services
  • your family
  • your work.

Here are some things that young people have already highlighted to us:

I don't think adults respect young people enough or listen to our views.

I'm pleased that 16 and 17 year olds now have a right to vote in Scottish elections.

I'd like to learn more about my rights and what to do if I'm unhappy.

I would like the mosquito device to be banned, as I think it's a rights violation.

Teaching about sex and relationships in schools should be made more relevant to us.

You can send us your experiences by email, or over Twitter by using the hashtag #TellTheUN. We’ll make sure your views get through to Amal. While we can't send on individual details, we'll raise the general issues you share with us with her.