Take decisive action and ban Mosquito devices, Commissioner urges Scottish Government

12 October 2017

The Commissioner has demanded the Scottish Government take action to outlaw Mosquito devices in Scotland.

His comments come after Community Safety and Legal Affairs Minister Annabelle Ewing MSP told Holyrood she was “not unsympathetic” to banning the devices .

The Commissioner said:

“The Scottish Government must listen to the views of young people and move from being ‘not opposed’ to banning the Mosquito to taking the decisive action necessary to ban it.
“The use of Mosquito devices is not a proportionate response to young people meeting in public spaces. Anti-loitering devices are a breach of young people’s human rights and their use is indiscriminate and inhumane. We must not tolerate their use in Scotland.”

About Mosquito devices

Mosquito devices emit sound beyond the range of hearing of most adults to “repel” children and young people from an area. One such device was installed in Hamilton Station earlier this year, which drew condemnation from the Commissioner and the chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament .

The Commissioner’s office has been campaigning for a ban on Mosquito devices since 2007. In July, the current Commissioner released a position statement that called on the devices to be banned .

Read the position statement.