Speaking up for #HumanRightsDefenders— Parliaments host a DGD Hub

21 June 2018

Yesterday Members of the Children’s Parliament and Scottish Youth Parliament linked up with young people from Wales to discuss what support children and young people in both our countries need to be Human Rights Defenders.

We were with them at the Scottish Parliament at what’s known as a DGD Hub, capturing what was said for Twitter:

What are Human Rights Defenders?

Human Rights Defender is a term used to describe people who – individually or with others – act to promote or protect human rights.

Human Rights Defenders can be any age, but the UN recognises that those of them who are children and young people often need more support than others.

With this in mind, the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child is holding a Day of General Discussion on what it means for children and young people to be Human Rights Defenders. It'll look at:

  • what needs to be done for child rights-related laws, policies and practices to take adequate account of children as human rights defenders, and
  • what needs to be done for human rights defenders-related laws, policies and practices to be child-sensitive.

    What is a DGD Hub?

    A DGD Hub doesn't have to take place in Parliament— it's just an event where children and young people can talk about the fact that children and young people can be Human Rights Defenders, and where they can discuss what that might mean.

    Before, during and after the Day of General Discussion in September, we hope children and young people will take part in DGD Hubs like the one that took place yesterday.

    Find out more about DGD Hubs.