Scotland’s National Health Survey includes food insecurity for first time— here’s how to share your experiences

25 September 2018

A graphic illustrating how much it costs to eat to the Eatwell Guide weekly: £103.17 for a family of two adults and two children.

As the 2017 Scottish Health Survey includes questions on food insecurity for the first time, a UK-wide Inquiry wants to hear your experiences of when children haven't had enough food.

The Health Survey found that at some point in the previous 12 months:

  • 8% of adults – and 21% of single parents – worried about running out of food, and
  • 10% of single parent households ran out of food completely.

Food insecurity as a human rights issue

Food insecurity – where people don’t have regular access to enough nutritious food – is a human rights issue , and one that may be worsening in Scotland.

Research published earlier this month found that healthy diets are becoming increasingly hard for Scotland’s families to afford.

But we still don’t know how many families across Scotland or the UK are experiencing food insecurity right now.

The Children’s Future Food Inquiry

Our office is involved with the Children’s Future Food Inquiry — which aims to better understand:

  • the extent of food insecurity in the UK, and
  • how food insecurity affects the UK’s children and young people.

As part of the Inquiry, researchers want to hear about yourexperiences of how food insecurity has impacted children or young people. They’re taking evidence until the end of September.

Find out how to share your experiences.