New resources around your rights to care

16 May 2017

The logo of the new resource we produced with Who Cares? Scotland.

Who Cares? Scotland and the Commissioner have launched a selection of resources aimed at helping care experienced young people understand their rights to care.

The resources, which were produced following consultation with care experienced young people and the professionals supporting them, focus on continuing care and aftercare.

These were the areas of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act where it was felt understanding could most be improved.

The resource is available in:

  • an online version, and
  • a printed booklet version.

Print booklets come with a fold-out flowchart that helps explain whether you have the right to Continuing Care or Aftercare.

Who Cares? Scotland CEO Duncan Dunlop said:

“The care system and corresponding legislation can be incredibly complicated, and it’s vital for everyone to make sure that the young people growing up in this system, understand their rights and the support they’re entitled to, in a way that is readily accessible to them. Once you leave the care system, you can’t return. This means understanding the implications of leaving is vital to a successful future out with the system. Our work with the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland has been informed by care experienced young people, and we look forward to supporting them to make better and more knowledgeable decisions about their futures.”

Access the resources

Access the resources online.

Find out how to order a booklet.