It’s National Care Leavers’ Week— these are your rights to care

19 October 2017

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19-28 October is National Care Leavers’ Week Scotland, when events and activities run across the country celebrating the achievements of care experienced people.

Leaving care can be a big decision, and it can also be a complicated one. If you’re in care it’s important to get help and advice before you decide to leave, as once you do you can’t change your mind and return. It’s best to start looking at your options well before you're 16.

Talking it over

When you're planning for your future, it's also good to talk to someone who can give you independent advice. Who Cares? Scotland is an organisation that can help you find advice like this.

Your rights to care

If you're thinking of leaving care, it's important to know what all your options are.

In 2014, the Scottish Government passed the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act, which made some important changes to your rights to Continuing Care and Aftercare. You can find out about these rights here:

Order our booklet and flowchart

We worked with Who Cares? Scotland to produce a booklet that explains your rights to Continuing Care and Aftercare. It’s free, and we’ll deliver it for free to anywhere in Scotland.

The leaflet:

  • explains changes made to the law by the Children and Young People Act that affect care experienced young people,
  • explains care experienced young people's rights around Continuing Care and Aftercare, and
  • contains a pull-out flowchart explaining how Continuing Care and Aftercare apply in different situations.

Contact our office to order a free booklet.


Who Cares? Scotland worked with care experienced young people to produce videos that explain Continuing Care and Aftercare.

Helen explains continuing care

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Darren explains Aftercare

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