Golden Rules: Symbol resource launched

27 May 2015

The Commissioner's office has launched a new version of his 7 Golden Rules for Participation resource that will allow more of Scotland’s children to communicate about what participation means to them.

The new Golden Rules Symbol resource is designed especially to engage children and young people who:

  • are non-verbal
  • have speech and language difficulties
  • have additional support needs.

It can also be used to help communicate ideas and information about participation to very young children.

The Commissioner’s office worked with Glasgow City Council and Widgit Software to develop the resource, in collaboration with children and young people.

Find out more about the symbols resource.

The Golden Road

The7 Golden Rules have already been incorporated into Oaklands School in Edinburgh, which provides education for children and young people with severe and complex learning difficulties. Here, the Rules have been used to encourage choice and interaction, adapting activities and games to create what they have called their ‘Golden Road’.

Watch The Golden Road, a short film about how Oaklands School uses the Golden Rules.

About the Golden Rules

The Seven Golden Rules support the principle laid out in Article 12 of the UNCRC that children and young people of all ages and abilities:

  • have useful contributions to make
  • have the right to take part in decisions that affect them.

Find out more about the Golden Rules.