Free Symbols resource to help children participate

30 January 2018

Our symbol illustrating the 7 Golden Rules

Our office has created a Symbols resource that helps children and young people participate— and we’ll send it for free to anywhere in Scotland.

Our resource explains the 7 Golden Rules for Participation, a set of principles developed by the Commissioner’s office.

The Golden Rules help children and young people tell adults about things that are important to them, and are something anyone working with children and young people can use.

Our Golden Rules Symbols resource might be useful if you work with children and young people who:

  • are non-verbal,
  • have speech and language difficulties, and/or
  • have additional support needs.

It can also be used to help communicate ideas and information about participation to very young children.

Update: We're out of stock

Lots of people have asked for copies of our Symbols resource, and we're now out of stock.

However, you can still download the resource online.

Learn more about the resource and download online.