Free CPD sessions to improve your understanding of sectarianism in Scotland

07 June 2017

Sense Over Sectarianism and YouthLink Scotland are offering free continuing professional development (CPD) sessions around resources exploring sectarianism in Scotland.

The resources – which were produced by Education Scotland – were developed by projects across Scotland and have already been used in a variety of education settings. CPD sessions focusing on four different aspects of the resources are available. On offer are sessions around:

  • primary resources, for primary teachers of all levels,
  • secondary resources, for secondary teachers of all levels,
  • community learning and youth work resources, and
  • introducing resources in all three areas listed above.

About the sessions

The sessions are designed to:

  • provide people who take part with an understanding of sectarianism in Scotland,
  • tell people where they can find out more about sectarianism in Scotland, and
  • tell people how the resources on sectarianism in Scotland can be used in a classroom or youth work setting.

Contact Sarah Robinson Galloway of YouthLink Scotland to find out more.