Evidence: The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill

20 June 2017

An image of the Scottish Parliament.

Our office is giving evidence around the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee from 10am today. Also giving evidence are:

What we’re saying

Some of the things we’ll be saying to the Committee are:

  • that the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill should protect children’s rights to a safe, caring family life,
  • that the child aggravator for the offence should be strengthened. Currently, the wording of the aggravator is incident focused. We think it should be changed to acknowledge that harm could still be done to a child even when they're unaware of the abuse.
  • that an offence is introduced in the specific context of domestic abuse around the effect of a parent’s coercive control on a child, whether in this Bill or elsewhere,
  • where the child aggravator is applied, the Bill should make sure that the court consider children the inclusion of children in non-harassment orders, ensuring children get the same protection as adults when their family life is affected by domestic abuse, and
  • that the Bill should make sure that protection after someone is convicted is as robust as protection before conviction.

Written evidence

Our office has also produced written evidence around the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill.

Read the written evidence.

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