"A shameful step back": Commissioner issues statement on Dubs scheme closure

15 February 2017

Scotland's Children's Commissioner has issued a statement following the recent news that the UK Government is to stop taking refugee children under the "Dubs scheme".

Tam Baillie, Children and Young People's Commissioner, Scotland said:

“The recent UK Government announcements on the ‘Dubs scheme’ amount to a shameful step back from an already weak UK response to the plight of migrant children stranded in Europe.
“The UK government say they are committed to taking the most vulnerable children direct from their countries of origin, yet choose to minimise their response to those who have already fled trauma and are now rootless in Europe.
“In contrast, Scotland is to be commended for its response.
“This is a Europe-wide crisis and there are further challenges to address, especially in Italy and Greece.
“As a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UK has a vital role to play in responding to this humanitarian crisis.
“The UK government needs to act humanely and responsibly towards these children who need our help; at the very least, they should honour their earlier commitment.”

UK Commissioners' letter

The four UK Children's Commissioners have also today written to the UK Home Secretary around the closure of the scheme.

Read the letter.