05 April 2018
We've been sent drawings from children that illustrate some of the rights laid out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
29 March 2018
The Young Advisors who helped us create our revised Strategic Plan have helped lay it at the Scottish Parliament today.
19 March 2018
Two Scottish children have travelled to Geneva to help the United Nations plan September’s Day of General Discussion on children’s human rights.
14 March 2018
The age of criminal responsibility in Scotland is set to rise from 8 to 12— but the Children and Young People’s Commissioner has said it still has further to rise.
14 March 2018
Children and Young People’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson has co-established an enquiry into how well Scotland supports children and young people in trouble.
13 March 2018
We're meeting some of Europe's most prominent human rights defenders next week— find out how you can get your questions to them.
30 January 2018
Our office has created a Symbols resource that helps children and young people participate— and we’ll send it for free to anywhere in Scotland.
18 December 2017
Our Enquiries Officer blogs about her experience at the 11th European Forum on the Rights of the Child.
10 December 2017
Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People is Bruce Adamson.  Bruce's job is to help you understand your rights and to make sure those rights...