Scouts Scotland and Children’s Commissioner launch new human rights badge

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland and Scouts Scotland have unveiled a brand new human rights badge for Cubs and Scouts to complete.  

The Rights Challenge Badge – the logo of which was designed by Scout Christopher, ten, from Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire – features a range of activities and resources to empower Cubs and Scouts aged between eight and 14 to learn about and understand their rights. It promotes adult leaders’ awareness of children’s rights too.  

Christopher – whose winning badge design features the international human rights dove logo soaring over Earth beside the Scouts symbol – said: “I was really excited to come up with a design for a new Scouts badge. I love drawing and design, so thought it would be fun. My design put the human rights logo at the centre of the badge, as it is already a recognised symbol. Like every Scout badge, my design has the Fleur de Lis on it. I also chose to put a map of the world in the background, because children from across the world should all have rights. I hope all Cubs and Scouts like my design and are all looking forward to earning the Rights Challenge Badge as much as I am.”  

The badge is available for more than 20,000 Cubs and Scouts to complete. Activities include creating a shield to highlight what is important to them and what rights they would defend; an interactive exercise to challenge decision-makers in their communities and beyond; and taking part in a fun, artistic representation of rights.  

Commissioner Bruce Adamson – who met Christopher at the Scottish Parliament during a party to celebrate 18 years of the Children’s Commissioner’s office – said: “We are absolutely delighted to launch this new Rights Challenge Badge. We’ve created a human rights resource pack with a range of activities to encourage Cubs and Scouts to get creative, to have fun, to debate and discuss different issues around rights, giving them the skills to raise the issues that matter to them with those in power and to deliver positive change in their communities. Knowing about their rights will help Scouts claim them and the skills gained with this badge will equip them to act as true human rights defenders. The design winner, Christopher, perfectly captured the spirit of the Rights Challenge Badge and I’m looking forward to seeing Cubs and Scouts working on the Rights Challenge and earning those badges.”  

Andrew Sharkey, Chief Commissioner of Scouts Scotland, said: “It has been a privilege working with the Children’s Commissioner and his team to create this great resource. Children and young people are at the heart of everything we do in Scouting. Their awareness of their rights and the embedding of them into our core programme is vitally important if Scouts Scotland is to be truly youth-shaped whilst developing the next generation of citizens. 

“Over the last ten months we’ve worked alongside young people at every single stage, from our pilot activities through to the final badge design, layout and overall content. This has all been shaped by our Cubs and Scouts, our MSYPs, and the Children’s Commissioner’s Young Advisers prior to us piloting it with a range of young people across Scotland. I am immensely proud of the badge, resources and the positive message it sends to our 46,000 members.”

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