Our roadshow is hitting the virtual road and we want to hear from you!

Listening to children and young people is vital for our work. We need to know directly from them what’s important and what issues they are facing. 

It has been challenging over the past two years to do this face-to-face. The pandemic has limited our opportunities to visit children in their own communities, but we have consistently engaged online as well as doing visits where we have been able to. 

But we want to do more. We want to meet and hear from even more children and young people.  

We are now opening up virtual sessions with us as part of our roadshow programme to connect with children and young people across Scotland.  

What you need to know 

Between now and 31 March, we plan to do as many virtual sessions as we can.  

You can get in touch if you would like to put forward the children and young people you work with to meet up online with our team.  

The Commissioner will be going to as many of these sessions as possible, but we can’t guarantee that he will be at every single one.  

What’s gone well? 

We are looking to find out how children’s rights have been upheld. Can your group creatively show us their rights success stories? Maybe they can demonstrate rights-based work through songs, games, videos or artwork? Or perhaps they just want to talk to us about their experiences and ask us questions.  

What’s been hard? 

But we also need to know when rights haven’t been respected. What’s gone wrong or been very difficult? What barriers have been in place to stop children’s rights being upheld and what needs to be done to fix it?  

The pandemic has been tough for children and young people. Not being able to be with family and friends, school closures, exam stress, and health worries have added to the uncertainty that they’ve faced.  

But there have been positives too. We want to hear about it all. 

What to talk about?  

Anything that is important.  

We are especially interested in hearing from children and young people whose rights are most at risk, or who perhaps do not get the opportunity to have their views heard easily.  

We are keen to hear about what children and young people think about all issues including poverty, education, mental health, climate justice, play, participation, youth justice, and making their rights real in law.  

There might be particular issues important to their own communities to talk about. We want to create space for all those conversations.  

How to apply 

It’s easy to apply.  Please email administration@cypcs.org.uk and remember to include the following details: 

  • The name of your organisation 
  • The lead person we should contact 
  • Some background and information about your group 
  • The ages of the children and young people, and how many are in your group 
  • Any specific support needs 
  • Theme/ideas that the group want to cover in the session.  

What happens next? 

We can’t guarantee that every application will result in a virtual session but we will set up as many as we can. Members of our team will contact you to find out more and, if possible, organise a digital visit.  

We will prioritise groups where the children may not get opportunities as easily as others. We will also make sure we get out virtually to meet children and young people of all ages, from different parts of Scotland.