Our rights planning is in full swing as children and young people tell us their views 

Children’s ideas and experiences shape our new 4 year plan

Last month, we launched a new resource called Your Rights, Our Plan to help children answer six questions about our work to guide our new plan.  Children and young people have been speaking up about the issues that matter to them – and helping to shape our work. 

Yellow text on a navy blue background says "Get involved". Below the text is a red graphic of a megaphone and the cover of the resource "Your Rights, Our Plan". The Children and Young People's Commissioner's logo is pictured.

On World Children’s Day, we asked children and young people what we should be working on to promote and protect rights. Their ideas and experiences will be at the centre of Children’s Commissioner Nicola Killean’s new four-year plan. Since then we have been busy meeting children and young people in person as well as telling people about how they can support their own groups and classes to get involved. 

Last week we spent time at Dunfermline High School, before getting creative with Starcatchers – a group for young parents and babies – who are also based in the city. We listened to festive music and enjoyed playing and crafting. We’re returning soon to get their views on our plan. 

We also sounded out views with young people who are part of Big Noise in Raploch, Stirling. They learn new skills through joining an orchestra as part of its music-education programme and they hit all the right notes in our introductory session. The children – from S1 to S6 – discovered more about the role of the Commissioner, what our Strategic Plan is, and considered five key issues. We’ll return in the new year to work with them again. 

Glasgow was the next stop as Commissioner Nicola and team spent a day with  pupils at Holyrood Secondary School. The week’s sessions were rounded off with an introductory session with another Big Noise group, this time in the city’s Govanhill. 

Commissioner Nicola said: “We’ve had an amazing, busy, whirlwind week listening to lots of children and young people and it has been so important to hear what issues matter to them, and what they want me – and my office – to work on over the next four years. Children and young people can share their opinions for my plan until the end of January so between now and then, I will be working very hard to get around to meet groups in person. It’s an exciting time for us all.”   


Get involved!

Here’s how to get involved…  

Groups of children – for example, a class, youth group, sports club, Scouts, or Guides – can fill in our survey’s questions with an adult.   

Our resource contains videos, PowerPoints, and activities to help adults support discussions. It’s also packed with creative tasks to spark ideas and chat about children’s rights, like making pictures, songs, playing with Lego, or designing human rights defenders’ shields.  

The deadline for responses is Monday, 29 January, 2024, and we will take our new Strategic Plan to the Scottish Parliament in April 2024. 

Take part in ‘Your Rights, Our Plan’


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