ENYA 2021: Young people speaking up across Europe

Young people from across Europe are laying out their recommendations on what those in power need to do around COVID― and a group that we’re supporting are among them.

Two of our young advisers will attend the online ENYA Forum later this week, along with other young people from throughout the continent. They’ll share the list of recommendations they’ve worked on as part of our ENYA group, which has worked to create these over the last few months.

What are our ENYA group saying?

Our ENYA group has put together a number of recommendations around education, health, and other issues.

They’re clear that more needs to be done around young people’s mental health, which has greatly suffered during the pandemic.

And they want their right to be involved in choices that affect them to be respected when it comes to COVID― meaning young people should be at the table when big decisions are made.

What is ENYA?

ENYA, the European Network of Young Advisers, is the participation element of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children, or ENOC.

Our office is a member of the Network, and Commissioner Bruce Adamson is the current chair.

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