Can you help young children tell the UN about their world? 

We want to know how Scotland’s youngest children feel and experience the natural environment so that we can share their views with the UN.   


This year, the UN is working on children’s environmental rights and climate change to create global guidance on how children’s rights are affected by the environmental crisis, and what governments must do to uphold these rights.  

And we want the views of the youngest children to be included.  

So, we need your help! 

We’re looking for adults who work with young children up to the age of six, to help them think about and express their views about the environment.  

As part of this, we plan to create a visual image, provisionally called ‘one word for one world’ that brings all this together.  

We’ll share this to inform the Children’s Global Charter on Children’s Rights the Environment and Climate Change and our contributions to the UN on its General Comment on Children’s Rights and the Environment with a Special Focus on Climate Change (General Comment No. 26) 

The Activity

Please explore with the children you work with: 

‘How does it feel to be outside in the fresh air and to be in nature?’ 

You can gather evidence however is best, including noting children’s language and observations for babies and infants. 

We don’t need more than a line or two from you and a photo if you want to share that.  

We’d also love to hear audio clips too, if children and infants want to make some noise about it! 

You might well already have observations on this topic; if you do, you can share those.  

As we plan to create a visual image, provisionally called ‘one word for one world’ it would be brilliant as part of your response, if you are able to send one word that could summarise the observations and conversations from your setting. But don’t worry, if not, we can take words from your observations.  

Although this is an activity that we are sharing directly with early years settings, if you are a parent or carer with a child aged under six, we’d love you to help them take part too.  

How to share with us 

Please email or tweet us.  

Please email us at and/ or you can tweet us with words, pictures and sounds and we’ll share those with others!

Our hashtag is #1Word1World  

Please send these in by Monday 30th January 2023.  

Important Info


  • Please only share with us the name of your setting, a contact name and email address and the contributions/observations from the children.   
  • Please don’t send us names of the children as all contributions will be collated anonymously.    
  • Please don’t send us any photos with children who could be identified.  

We’d like to share the visual piece back with the children, so please don’t forget to send us a contact email address.    

Most of all, have fun!

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