02 October 2018
Clara Gray, 16, is one of a group of young people from Scotland who created recommendations around mental health to take to Europe’s Commissioners for Children and Young People. Last month, she went to Paris for the annual conference of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children, and this is how her experience went.
02 October 2018
The Scottish Government needs to tackle child poverty in a sustained, systemic and human rights-based way. That’s the message of Commissioner Bruce Adamson in endorsing the findings of Poverty in Scotland 2018 , a report released today by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) during Challenge Poverty Week in Scotland.
25 September 2018
Commissioner Bruce Adamson's message at the first Rhodri Morgan lecture is that children are active members of society: and human rights are a way of making that clear.
25 September 2018
As the 2017 Scottish Health Survey includes questions on food insecurity for the first time, a UK-wide Inquiry wants to hear your experiences of when children haven't had enough food.
24 September 2018
Children and Young People’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson will give the first Rhodri Morgan Annual Lecture at the Senedd – the National Assembly of Wales – on Tuesday September 25.
12 September 2018
All over Scotland children and young people are protecting and promoting human rights— and we’ve launched a new Rights Defenders website so that more of them feel able to do so.
07 September 2018
My position is simple. It is never okay to assault a child for the purposes of punishment. That’s why I commend John Finnie for introducing his Member’s Bill to remove the defence of ‘justifiable assault’ from the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003.
07 September 2018
Commissioner Bruce Adamson has welcomed today’s publication of John Finnie MSP’s Member’s Bill to give children equal protection from assault.
03 September 2018
220,000 children in Scotland now live in households where a healthy diet is increasingly unaffordable, according to research published today by the Food Foundation and funded by the Commissioner.
10 August 2018
The Commissioner’s giving a keynote speech at an international conference in Dumfries today, as part of this week’s Amaze Me LEADER series of events.