05 December 2019
There's a new toolkit for adults across Scotland who work with children and young people. It explains work already done around child human rights defenders and contains practical activities that will let you carry out a project of your own.
25 November 2019
Commissioner Bruce Adamson has warmly welcomed the Scottish Government's 20 November commitment to fully and directly incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
20 November 2019
To mark International Children's Day, the Commissioner has written to all MSPs urging them to ensure the full and direct incorporation of the UNCRC.
20 November 2019
There’s not much time left for Scotland's current Parliament to incorporate the UNCRC. That means our message on the Convention's birthday is both one of celebration and one of urgency.
19 November 2019
Our office is fresh from the most exciting event in our year: the Young People’s Human Rights Gathering!
05 November 2019
How are Scotland and the UK meeting their commitments to children and young people as we approach the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?
29 October 2019
Our Annual Report for 2018-19 – covering Bruce Adamson’s second year as Commissioner – has been laid before the Scottish Parliament today, and we’re proud to share it with you.
23 October 2019
For Care Experienced Week, we’d like to focus on the barriers preventing both Looked After children and other children with ASN from accessing their right to CSPs in Scotland.
22 October 2019
The Children and Young People’s Commissioner  supports the Scottish Human Rights Commission and the UK’s National Preventative Mechanism network’s call for urgent action on children who are deprived of their liberty.
04 October 2019
To celebrate the 30th birthday of the UNCRC we want everyone to talk about why children’s rights matter, in a way that means people of all ages can take part. So we’re asking you to send us 7 word stories about the human rights of children and young people.