Your needs should matter: Transcript

Our Communications Manager Ezmie is talking to the camera. This text is a transcript of what she says in this video.

What Ezmie says

When adults make choices that affect your life, they have to think what’s best for you. It’s not enough just to think that they are doing a good thing.

Adults have to take into consideration all of your human rights when they are making a decision to make sure it is in your best interests.

For example, that could be around your right to play, or your right to have a safe house, or your right to feel healthy.

And that means all adults. It could even be adults who have never met you. Like the people who make decisions about Scotland’s rules and laws. They have to take into consideration what’s best for you, in order for you to grow up safe and happy.

If you’d like any more information about your human rights, please do just get in touch.

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