Class 7: How we are performing

Information about how the authority performs as an organisation, and how well it delivers its functions and services.

Information we publish under this class includes:

Annual Reporting

Annual accounts

Accounts that show how much has been spent by the Commissioner's office from each year's budget.

Annual reports

A report every year on how the Commissioner has been doing his work.

Audit of how we are doing

Advisory Audit Board

Information about the Advisory Audit Board, which advises the Commissioner on corporate governance, managing risk and auditing financial and management performance.

Annual audit reports

Summarises the auditor's opinions on the Commissioner's financial statements, reporting on conclusions and significant issues that arise from an audit.

External Evaluations of our work

Perception Review (PDF)

April 2013. This report presents the findings of a review by Pagoda PR in 2013 to establish current perceptions of the office and the work of the Commissioner to date.

Evaluation of a Right Blether (PDF)

September 2011. This report presents the final findings from the external evaluation of the Commissioner's national consultation a RIGHT blether undertaken by York Consulting. The overall aim of the evaluation was to report on the processes and outcome of a RIGHT blether for its participants and to assess its impact across Scotland.