Class 5: How we manage our human, physical and information resources

Information about how we manage the human, physical and information resources of the Children and Young People's Commissioner.

Find out about our complaints procedure, child protection procedures and how we handle your enquiries.

Learn more about our data protection, freedom of information and records management responsibilities and the policies we have to help us fulfil them.

The information we publish under this class

Office policies

Anti-Fraud Policy (PDF)

Outlines the Commissioner's approach to preventing fraud and corruption from occurring.

Child protection procedures (PDF)

Provides information for employees of the Commissioner on what is expected of them in protecting children and young people from abuse.

Complaints procedure (PDF)

Find out how complaints about the Commissioner and his staff can be made, and who will deal with them.

Enquiries service handbook (PDF)

Provides guidance as to how enquiries should be dealt with in the Commissioner's office.

Personal use of social media (PDF)

Applies to the use of social media for personal purposes.

Professional use of social media (PDF)

How to use social media effectively in a professional context.

Managing human resources

Employee handbook (PDF)

Information on what is expected of employees of the Commissioner when doing their job, and what they can expect of the Commissioner as their employer.

Recruitment and selection policy (PDF)

(Published as part of our employee handbook.)
Information about the way the Commissioner appoints new employees.

Managing information: find out about our policies on data protection, freedom of information and records management

Freedom of information policy (PDF)

Information on our Freedom of Information responsibilities and how we will respond to information requests.

Information and records management policy (PDF)

Describes the way information we create and receive should be managed.

Model publication scheme and guide to information

Find out about the types of information we publish and how to get a copy of it.

Remote working policy (PDF)

This policy is for all staff that use or remotely access work-related information.

Records management plan (PDF)

A framework for the management of public records within the Commissioner's office.

Records management plan: assessment report (PDF)

Assessment by the Keeper of the Records of Scotland of the Commissioner's records management plan.

Environmental sustainability

We recognise that our activities may have both positive and negative impacts in Scotland and further afield. Through our policies and procedures, we encourage the use of public transport wherever practicable. We are fully compliant with Waste Regulations and have a separate weekly collection service for all our dry recyclable waste.  We receive monthly sustainability reports that allows us to measure our progress and identify areas for improvement. 

During 2016-7 we recycled 1585.6 kgs of waste which was a 45% increase on 2015-16 (1093.10 kgs).  CO2e, or carbon dioxide equivalent, is a standard unit for measuring carbon footprints. This measurement expresses the impact of each different greenhouse gas in terms of the amount of CO2 that would create the same amount of warming.  The total kgs of CO2(e) diverted during 2016-17 was 573.67 kgs which was a slight decrease of 7.6% on 2015-16 (620.93 kgs).