Class 3: How we take decisions and what we have decided

Information about the decisions we take, how we make decisions and how we involve others.

The information we publish under this class

How decisions are made about our work

Advisory Audit Board

Information about the Advisory Audit Board, which supports the Commissioner in his role as Accountable Officer. 

Managing the organisation

Information about the Commissioner's Management Team, including who is on the team and minutes of their meetings. The Management Team are responsible for supporting the Commissioner in the day to day running of his office.

Scheme of Delegation (PDF)

Find out about how the Commissioner's office is managed; including the types of decisions and activities that can be delegated to staff to carry out.

Consultation with children and young people

Strategic Plan

Find out about how we've been working with children and young people to inform our review of the Strategic Pan, 2016-2020.

A Right Blether

Information about a national consultation with children and young people in 2010 to find out what they wanted the Commissioner to work on until 2016.

A Right Wee Blether

Find out about this conversation with two to five-year-olds which gave them the opportunity to tell the Commissioner about the things that made them smile, people that were important to them, and the things they would like to change or make better.

Consultation with organisations

Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

The Commissioner has a 4 year strategic plan that lays out the office's Strategic Aims for 2016-2020. The plan is being reviewed, and you can find out more about how we are enagaging with adults to inform the review.