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UNCRC articles

See a list of your rights signed in BSL.

Read a list of your rights in English.

Your rights

All children and young people in Scotland have rights. Find out more in this BSL signed video.

Read about your rights in English.

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times is our current annual report for children and young people, exploring the work of the Commissioner and his office over the year.

Find out more about Sign of the Times.

Information leaflet

Our information leaflet explains who the Commissioner is and how he helps protect and promote the rights of children and young people.

Find out more about our information leaflet.

How participation in school helps you do well

This BSL signed video explains our infographic around links between participation and increased attainment in schools.

Participation and education

7 Golden Rules for Participation

Our 7 Golden Rules for Participation are designed to help adults understand how they can help children and young people participate, and to help children and young people tell adults what they need.

See each Golden Rule signed in its own individual video.

Find out more about our 7 Golden Rules for Participation.

The Golden Road

Find out how an Edinburgh school adapted our Golden Rules for use with children who are non-verbal or who have speech and language difficulties in this short film.

Celebrating Difference

Our Celebrating Difference video looks at a workshop we ran for young people living with sight loss, which provides a case study for people interested in increasing the participation of children and young people.

International Play Association conference video

Find out what adults at the International Play Association conference thought of the 7 Golden Rules.

Prestwick video

Find out what pupils at Prestwick Academy thought of the 7 golden rules.

Policy and research

The Proposed British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill and children’s rights

See a signed version of the Commissioner’s briefing on this proposed Scottish Parliament Bill.