Workshops from the Commissioner’s office can help children and young people understand their rights and the rights of those around them.

Each worksheet has been run in many different settings and can be used as part of a series or in a one-off session. They are all outlined with a step by step guide and come with printable supporting resources.


Wants and needs

By using this worksheet, young people can look at a range of things in their lives – such as food and money – and are make distinctions between what they want and what they need. In this way they can learn more about their rights, as the needs represent some of the fundamental rights of the UNCRC.

Do the right thing

This worksheet lets young people look at a selection of our UNCRC illustrations and vote on what they think is the most important right to them. They can then complete a manifesto explaining their decision. In this way, the workshop provides a chance for young people to examine one specific right in detail.

Do the right thing resources

Maybe aye, maybe no

This worksheet lets young people look at statements related to the UNCRC and decide if they agree with them. In this way, children and young people can look at their rights in a broad context and discuss issues related to age and rights.

Take a chance on me

This worksheet helps young people learn more about their rights and how to exercise them by looking at situations that they can relate to. In this way, it gives those who participate an opportunity to compare their rights with the rights of others.

Hot or not

This worksheet lets young people decide whether statements relating to the UNCRC are true or false. In this way, they can learn about how UNCRC came to be and get a general understanding of what it’s about.

Spot our rights

This worksheet lets young people look at our UNCRC illustrations and match each one to the appropriate UNCRC article. In this way, young people can begin looking at some of the specific rights within the UNCRC.

UNCRC resources