a RIGHT wee blether

During 2011, former Commissioner Tam Baillie asked children between the ages of two and five to have their very own creative conversation using their own forms of expression. This was known as a RIGHT wee blether.

Parents, carers and early years specialists know how skilful children can be at expressing their views and experiences through sound, motion, words, actions, art and play. They all played a vital role in this lively conversation by encouraging children to create a Wee Book About Me and to capture their thoughts and feelings in Our Wee Story.

The conversation was a chance for young children to inform the Commissioner's work and to celebrate the variety and diversity of the ways in which children might choose to participate and to encourage their active engagement and involvement.

The work involved in a RIGHT wee blether built upon a RIGHT blether, Commissioner Tam Baillie's’s 2010 national consultation with Scotland’s school aged children. Over 74,000 children and young people took part in a RIGHT blether through creative projects, educational workshops, Tam’s Tour and a national vote. Find out more about a RIGHT blether.


Download A Wee Book About Me in PDF form.

Download Our Wee Story in PDF form.

Download a PDF of our final report on a RIGHT wee blether.