Youth Sports Strategy consultation

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You can watch former Commissioner Tam Baillie's video about consulting children above, or watch a BSL signed version on Vimeo.


In December 2013 the Scottish Government published its draft Youth Sport Strategy and, through consultation questions, invited adults to let them know what they thought of its content and aims.

Following this, Commissioner Tam Baillie worked with the Scottish Government to make sure the views of children were represented in the consultation. Activity packs designed by the Participation and Education team asking for 3 to 11-year olds’ views on sport were sent to a number of nurseries, schools and youth groups.

The consultation’s four key themes were:

Great opportunities

  • What sports do you do?
  • What is the best thing about doing sports for you?
  • What sports would you like to do that you can’t?
  • What stops you doing those sports?

Great people

  • Who helps or encourages you to do your sport?
  • What could adults do that would help you take part in sport more?

Great places

  • Where do you do sport?
  • What is good about those places?
  • What isn’t good about those places?

Higher profile – hearing more about children and sports

  • How can adults make sure more people hear about and celebrate the sports children do?
  • How can children’s sporting achievements be celebrated better?