Flushed with Success?

Flushed with Success? was former Commissioner Tam Baillie's campaign for the Scottish Government to introduce new guidance on school toilets.

With legislation in the area nearly 50 years old, the campaign aimed to address the fact that standards and qualities of school toilets for pupils need to improve.

It also aimed to make sure that the quality of school facilities for children was monitored and guaranteed, in the same way as for adults in the workplace.

In this way, it looked to protect children and young people’s rights to health, dignity, privacy and safety.

What happened

In order to help set a new standard for school toilets, the Flushed with Success? campaign worked with:

  • children, young people and their wider school communities, and
  • adults from a range of professional backgrounds who can help make change happen.

Through engaging with these groups, the campaign worked in a variety of areas to meet its aims. These included: