a RIGHT blether

a RIGHT blether was the national consultation undertaken by former Commissioner Tam Baillie in 2010.

The consultation provided an opportunity for children and young people across Scotland to say what was important in their lives and to take part in a national vote.


By the time Tam had finished meeting children and young people across Scotland, 74,059 of them had voted on what they thought was important.

When Tam’s team counted the votes up, they found out the four things children and young people wanted them to work hardest on, which are listed below. 

Safe and secure

Children and young people told the Commissioner's staff they wanted to be safe in their homes. They made a commitment to focus on issues around domestic abuse.

Being treated fairly

Children and young people said they wanted to be treated fairly when learning.

The Commissioner's office said they would research why some children and young people were able to learn well in schools and other places – despite lack of money or other important things children and young people need― while others did not.

They said we would ask those in charge of schools and other places of learning to take notice of what we found, in order to make things fairer.

You should be respected

Children and young people said they wanted to feel more respected and be treated more fairly in their communities.

The Commissioner's office said they would run campaigns with children and young people – nationally and locally – to encourage adults to think hard about unfair attitudes towards them.

We should all be included

Children and young people told the Commissioner's office they wanted everyone to feel included in our society.

The office promised to help challenge some of the big problems faced by those with disabilities, due to their potential for exclusion from many things that others can take for granted. They also promised to work to help other groups of children and young people who may not have felt included by society.

a RIGHT big blether

The final event of the national consultation, a RIGHT big blether, took place at the MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling in March 2011. It brought together children, young people and adults who work with and for them to ensure their voices inform and influence the work of the Commissioner from 2011-2015.

Big blether resources

All files below open in PDF format.


National vote results

Summary of results

Feedback from the day

Right Brilliant Things

Your Right Brilliant Thing was a part of a RIGHT Blether that encouraged children and young people to tell the Commissioner about the brilliant things going on in their lives.

The Right Brilliant Thing report presents the key findings from the project, and looks at the main themes to emerge broken down by younger and older age groups.

Download a PDF of the Right Brilliant Thing report.


The evaluation report for a RIGHT blether was undertaken by York Consulting on behalf of the Commissioner's office. The overall aim of the evaluation was to report on the processes and outcome of a RIGHT blether for its participants and to assess the consultation’s impact across Scotland.

Download a PDF of the evaluation report.