Human Rights Defenders

In international law, Human Rights Defenders are anyone who protects or promotes human rights— whether these are their own, or the rights of others.

Anyone can defend human rights, but often people don't think of children and young people as doing this.

Younger people can face barriers that older people might not when they defend human rights.

When children and young people defend human rights in Scotland, they aren’t likely to be shot or thrown in jail. But there are still real reasons they might be reluctant to be human rights defenders – like fear of bullying or of not being taken seriously by adults – and real things adult duty bearers can do to help support them.

So until 2020 we’ll be highlighting the inspiring things young human rights defenders already do in Scotland, and what people can do to help there be more rights defenders in the future.

Rights defenders resources

Promote. Protect. Defend: A report on children and young people as human rights defenders in Scotland

The cover image for Promote.Protect.Defend.

Our office worked with a group of inspiring young human rights defenders who created Promote. Protect. Defend, a report that gives eight recommendations for adults in power in Scotland on the changes they should make to support children and young people acting to protect and promote human rights.

Read Promote. Protect. Defend.