Symbols resource

Our Golden Rules Symbols resource is a communication tool for children and young people who:

  • are non-verbal,
  • have speech and language difficulties, and/or
  • have additional support needs.

It can also be used to help communicate ideas and information about participation to very young children.

Contact us to order a free copy of the resource.

Download the resource

The resource comes in 3 separate downloadable parts:

The parts of the resource, explained

Our Golden Rules pack

A set of Golden Rules cards intended to remind adults what children and young people want from participation. If you want to use our Symbols resource with children and young people, it's a good idea to look through this pack first.

Golden Rules Symbols cards

A resource designed to be printed out as a set of double-sided cards.

The front of each card shows a symbol for one of the 7 Golden Rules for Participation. The back of each card explains the Rule on the front in both words and symbols.

Conversation cards

A range of cards including:

  • cards for the Golden Rules symbols, and
  • cards with useful communication symbols.

These cards are designed to be used as a tool for children and young people to explore each Golden Rule in detail.

Using the resource

Our Symbols resource can be used in many ways, both on its own and in combination with other tools. Download our information sheet for some ideas about how to use the resource.

About the resource

The Commissioner's team created this resource through working with Widgit Software, professionals from Glasgow City Council, and children and young people.

Find out more

Contact the office to find out more about the resource, or to request training around it.