ENYA: Participating across Europe

The Commissioner’s office supports ENYA, the European Network of Young Advisers.

ENYA was created by ENOC, a Europe-wide network of Children’s Commissioners from countries both outside and inside the European Union. Each year, ENOC holds a conference on a particular children’s rights issue. ENYA allows young people to have their say on this issue in a meaningful and effective way, giving them the opportunity to:

  • express their concerns and points of views regarding their rights,
  • make their proposals heard, and
  • participate in drawing up common recommendations.

ENYA in 2019

This year's theme for ENYA and ENOC is children's rights in the digital environment. Once again, we'll be working with a group of young advisers from Scotland to develop recommendations with young people from across Europe.

ENYA in 2018

ENYA 2018's theme was mental health. Children and young people have the right to the best health possible, and that includes mental health— but around Europe they often find they're not getting the support they need.

In the Commissioner's office, we worked with a group of young people to develop two recommendations on what should change so that young people's mental health can be better supported in Scotland.

Young people then travelled to Barcelona to discuss these recommendations with their peers from across Europe.

In this video, the young people we worked with explain their recommendations:

Travelling to the ENYA conference

In June we supported two of our ENYA advisers – Holly and Fergus – to travel to Barcelona to share Scotland's recommendations with young people from across Europe.

See tweets from the conference about how #ENYA2018 went.

“Emotions are what make us human. Protecting and enhancing our children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health is the responsibility of humanity”

That's the statement that opened 2018's position statement from the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children.

The statement sets out the ways children and young people's mental health provision needs to change across our continent, and the human rights reasons why it must do so.

Read ENOC's position statement on mental health.


Clara was one of a group of young people from Scotland who made recommendations around mental health as part of ENYA, the European Network of Young Advisers.

Read ENYA's recommendations around mental health.

ENYA in previous years

ENYA and the ENOC Conference

In September 2018, Bruce and members of our office went to the ENOC conference to discuss recommendations on what needs to change around mental health support for young people across Europe.

Clara Gray, one of Scotland's representatives in ENYA, came with us so she could join other young people in holding Europe's Children's Commissioners to account.

Read Clara's blog on how her ENOC experiences went.

Feeding back to children and young people

Three of the young people who helped make recommendations for ENYA – Clara, Fergus and Holly – came to our 2018 Human Rights Gathering in Inverness, where they shared their experiences as human rights defenders with other young people who promote and protect human rights.