ENYA: Participating across Europe

One of the young people involved in the video covering her face with her hands, which have the phrase

In 2017, 2016 and 2014, the Commissioner’s office has supported ENYA, the European Network of Young Advisers.

ENYA was created by ENOC, a Europe-wide network of Children’s Commissioners. Each year, ENOC holds a conference on a particular children’s rights issue. ENYA allows young people to have their say on this issue in a meaningful and effective way, giving them the opportunity to:

  • express their concerns and points of views regarding their rights,
  • make their proposals heard, and
  • participate in drawing up common recommendations.

ENYA in 2017

This year's ENYA project is RIO, which stands for Respect, Information, Opinion. It supports the ENOC conference's theme of comprehensive relationship and sexuality education: implementing the right of children to be informed.

For ENYA this year we worked with Youth Ambassadors from the Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (Perth & Kinross)— young people who aim to raise awareness of and challenge inequality in society. The Youth Ambassadors receive training in issues such as:

  • gender stereotypes and inequality,
  • sexualisation, and
  • online and social media safety and sexual violence.

As part of the RIO project, the Youth Ambassadors:

  • participated in 5 sessions including 2 full day sessions,
  • used a series of activities including brainstorming, scenarios and videos to raise discussion points to explore the issues of identity and relationships and how technologies can affect the development of these in young people, and
  • contacted a range of policy makers to look at how they were ensuring young people’s rights were being met.

Visiting Paris

Two Youth Ambassadors, Jack and Georgia, went to Paris as part of their involvement with the ENYA project.

Read Jack's blog about his experiences.

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Past work with ENYA