You can click on the name of a member of staff to send them an email, or give them a call on 0131 346 5350.

The Commissioner's staff are divided into four teams:


Máire McCormack
Head of Strategy

Megan Farr
Policy Officer

Cathy Begley
Participation Officer

Kara Brown
Legal Officer (International)

Sarah McDermott
Policy Officer (Temporary)

Advice and Investigations

Nick Hobbs
Head of Advice and Investigations

Linda Ellis Macdonald
Enquiries Officer

Maria Galli
Legal Officer (Investigation and Strategic Litigation)

Sarah-Louise Davies
Participation and Engagement Officer

Corporate Services

Stephen Grounds
Head of Corporate Services

Gillian Munro
Information Officer

Heather Belmonte
Executive Assistant

Matthew Hale
Administration and Finance Assistant


Ezmie McCutcheon
Head of Communications

Robert Shepherd
Digital Media Officer