Revising the Strategic Plan

Bruce Adamson is the new Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland. His job is to make sure children and young people understand their rights, and that those rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled.

The Commissioner has to set out the work we intend to do in a document called a Strategic Plan.

This explains what issues we are going to prioritise and how we are going to do our job. There is a Plan for 2016-20, which was written by the previous Commissioner.

Now that Bruce has taken over the role, we would like to review the Plan and hear directly from children and young people about what they want us to focus on. This will ensure that our work over the next two years can continue to be guided by the voices and views of children and young people.

The new Plan will:

  • clearly explain what the job of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner is,
  • make clear the different types of work that the office will do as a National Human Rights Institution for children and young people, and
  • ensure children and young people are at the heart of all of our work.

The revised Strategic Plan will be put before the Scottish Parliament in January 2018.

How we’re reviewing the Plan

To inform our review of the Strategic Plan, we’ve been consulting children, young people and adults in a few different ways.

Visiting children and young people

We met groups of children and young people from across Scotland in settings we felt were comfortable to them. We engaged with them in an in-depth way so we could properly hear their views about what the Commissioner’s priorities should be.

Gathering views

We gathered the views of young people through a school-based survey, and used these views to inform our revised Plan. We also gathered young people's views through a survey on the web.

Engaging with adults

We sent a brief online survey to adults and organisations with an interest in the Plan. We’re also meeting informally with key people.

Young people’s involvement in our review

We’ve asked a group of Young Advisors to support our work. They'll all be involved in taking our revised plan to the Scottish Parliament.