Research for the Plan

Our Strategic Plan was informed by specially commissioned research into the views of children and young people in Scotland. The Strategic Aims of the Plan were then informed by these views.

We commissioned research for our Strategic Plan to tell us about the views of children and young people in Scotland. These views then helped us decide what our Strategic Aims should be for 2016-20.


Leading the Way

Scottish Youth Parliament. 2016. An interim report of the views of young people in Scotland, as expressed in the Scottish Youth Parliament’s consultation for their 2016-21 manifesto.

UN Taskforce on the Rights of the Child visits Scotland, 2nd – 3rd September 2015

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, Scottish Youth Parliament, Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights). 2015. A report on the visit to Scotland of Amal Aldoseri, Vice-chairperson of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

A review of Children’s Parliament work 2012-15

Children’s Parliament. 2016.This review of work by the Children’s Parliament is intended to identify key messages and common themes from children across Scotland.

Identifying the Voice of the Child

Gardiner, A. 2016. A desktop review of key documents to inform strategic planning for 2016-2020.

All children should be healthy, happy and safe

Children’s Parliament. 2016.A consultation with children with disabilities about their rights.