Annual report and annual accounts

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The Commissioner and his team produce an annual report each year to tell people what we've been doing.

Our mission is to be the fierce champions of children’s human rights, ensuring that duty bearers are accountable for their human rights obligations.

After coming into post, Bruce made it his first priority to find out from children and young people what they wanted from their Commissioner, not only concentrating on their human rights concerns but also involving them in important decisions around how the office operates.

We travelled all around Scotland, including to our rural communities and islands. We met children and young people of different ages, with a rich variety of experiences and views and paid particular attention to children and young people whose rights are most at risk. Their powerful views and experiences helped us create a revised version of our Strategic Plan 2018-2020 .

Download a PDF of Our Journey, our 2017/18 Annual Report.

We also produce a version of our annual report for children and young people. For 2017/18 we worked with children and young people at the LASC in Loanhead, who asked us to produce a report of bold, engaging pictures with short voice clips alongside them.

Find our 2017/18 report for children and young people here.

Annual accounts

The Commissioner also produces annual accounts for each financial year. His office must make these accounts publicly available, and send a copy to the Auditor General for Scotland for inspection.

Download our annual accounts for 2017/18.

Past annual reports and accounts