Annual report and annual accounts

The Commissioner and his team produce an annual report each year to tell people what we've been doing.

The Office of Children and Young People’s Commissioner was created to promote and protect children’s rights and children have asked us to be fierce champions of their human rights, holding those in power to account.

This year we used our investigation powers for the first time. Our report, No Safe Place into restraint and seclusion in Scotland’s schools revealed serious inconsistencies in the governance and monitoring of incidents, in violation of children’s human rights.

We also worked extensively on a programme supporting and encouraging children and young people acting as human rights defenders in Scotland. We supported children and young people to take part in the UN’s Day of General Discussion on the topic and we brought together a group of young human rights defenders to work on a powerful report with eight recommendations for duty-bearers on how they can better support young human rights defenders. Promote, Protect, Defend was laid before Parliament this year.

Other highlights include:

Download a PDF of our 2018/19 Annual Report.

We also produce a version of our annual report for children and young people. Children have told us they want to see bold cartoons with clear spoken explanations, so that's what we've created for this year.

Find our report for children and young people here.

Annual accounts

The Commissioner also produces annual accounts for each financial year. His office must make these accounts publicly available, and send a copy to the Auditor General for Scotland for inspection.

Download our annual accounts for 2018/19.

Past annual reports and accounts