7 Golden Rules for Participation

The 7 Golden Rules for Participation are a set of principles that anyone working with children and young people can use. They support children and young people to inform adults about things that are important to them.

Children's Golden Rules: Accessible versions

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About the Golden Rules

The Golden Rules were developed to help adults:

  • understand what the United Nations means by participation, and
  • learn what the United Nations says they must think about and do when helping children and young people inform and take part in decision-making about things that affect them.

They can also help children and young people learn about their participation rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We worked with the children and young people from across Scotland to create the Golden Rules. Adult practitioners and research also informed their creation.

Using the Golden Rules

We hope you will find the 7 Golden Rules useful when you are planning and delivering your work with children and young people. You can use them to help you:

  • plan your work with children and young people,
  • inform your dialogue and relationships with the children and young people you work with,
  • decide which approaches you will use to engage children and young people in the work you do,
  • monitor how things are going,
  • review and evaluate your work, and
  • make decisions about what should happen next.


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